Serateed Anadis
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Older than Baroqueheat


Rahzel, Second, Natsume, Kiara, Baroqueheat, Branowen, Alzeid, Shogetsu

Manga Debut

Ch. 1

Anime Debut

Episode 1 (referenced) Episode 9

Japanese Voice

Takehito Koyasu

Serateed AnadisEdit

Serateed Anadis is the eldest brother to Kiara, Branowen and Baroqueheat. He is also the foster father of Rahzel and he cares very deeply for her even though he never liked kids. In the story, Serateed is the reason why Rahzel was forced to go on a journey. Even though he kicked her out of the house, he was immediately shown crying and wanting Rahzel to come back. Although the reason as to why Serateed did this is still unkown, it is possible that he did this to protect Rahzel.


Serateed has long grayish black hair that is usually tied back in a long ponytail. He has dark blue eyes and is taller than Baroqueheat. Even though his age is not stated, since Baroqueheat is 28 and Serateed is the eldest, Serateed is probably in his early 40's. Even though he is in his early 40's he looks like he is only in his 20's. This may be due to the Angel Text drug that Natsume tested on him when he was younger.


Serateed is seen as the doting and caring father when he is around Rahzel. He is especially protective of her and would spare no expense to spoil her. An example is when Rahzel told Serateed all of the things that Baroqueheat did to her such as trying to hug her, kissing, etc. Once Serateed found out, he immediately took Baroqueheat to another room and beat him to death. Because of this Baroqueheat is afraid of him as well as Alzeid. Even though Serateed may seem to only care about Rahzel, he alsocares about his other siblings. This was shown when Natsume wanted to test the Angel Text drug on his other sibilings if Serateed wasn't willing to cooperate. Serateed agreed and spent many days in pain for the sake of protecting his siblings.


When Serateed was in his early 20's, he was living with his younger siblings Branowen, Kiara, and Baroqueheat. Natsume and Mr. Second were always there working on different experiments as well. One day, Natsume came up with the idea of using a drug called Angel Text to enhance the abilities of a humans and give them the ability to bring things back to life. Natsume wanted to test out the drug on Serateed, but he was unwilling to do it. It wasn't until Natsume threatened to test it out on either Branowen or Kiara did Serateed finally agree. Serateed spent a week experiencing excruciating and high fevers. After much suffering, Serateed acquired the ability to regenerate himself when he got hurt and allowed him to stop aging. The experiment was still considered a failure because he wasn't able to bring a dead rat back to life.