Jelice Bryah
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Jelice BryahEdit

Jelice is a friend of Serateed and is like an older brother to Rahzel. He is an eccentric priest who was sent into seminary by his adoptive parents when they found out he had a relationship with their biological daughter. He admits that he does not believe in God, but thinks that the church serves as an important service to the people. He wears glasses even though he has 20/20 vision. He likes beer, meat, and tea; he dislikes androgynes and amphibians. Jelice also carries a picture of his adoptive sister who was also the love of his life. After being abandoned, his adoptive sister became a prositute and was eventually murdered due to the effects of  the drug, Angel Text. Jelice was crazed with rage and murdered the man who was responsible for selling the drug to his adoptive sister.