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Also Known As

Heat, Womanizer, Hi-tan






Rahzel, Alzeid, Serateed, Branowen, Kiara, Natsume, Mr. Second, Soresta, Shogetsu, Other Alzeid, Fai

Manga Debut

Ch. 6

Anime Debut

Episode 1

Japanese Voice

Shinichirō Miki

Baroqueheat AnadisEdit

Baroqueheat Anadis is the youngest brother of Serateed, Kiara, and Branowen. He is considered a playboy and really cares for Rahzel. Baroqueheat was at first protecting Vincent with Soresta when he firsts encounters Rahzel and Alzeid. After deciding to accompany Rahzel and Alzeid on their journey, he becomes an important person to Rahzel and Alzeid. Throughout the journey, Baroqueheat constantly tries to make advances on Rahzel and continues to make fun of Alzeid,  due to his lack of knowledge about Rahzel.


Baroqueheat is tall in stature and has a muscular physique. His hair is a light, chestnut brown and is seen parted down the middle with the tips flipped upward. Baroqueheat has a tannish complexion which pairs well with his light blue eyes. On his right hand, there is a black butterfly tattoo in which the women he loved, and his creator Natsume gave him. The tattoo has the ability to change into a sword and is Baroqueheat's main weapon. He is usually seen in a tank top and slacks with a cigarette in one hand.


He is a very energetic person, and is known for his "playboy" attitude, however he is serious when it matters, and very protective and loyal to his family and friends.



Powers & AbilitiesEdit

a butterfly tattoo that can change into a sword.