Angel TextEdit

Angel Text is the name of the drugged used on Rahzel in Hatenkou Yuugi. It was first mentioned when Rahzel was kidnapped and injected with the drug. The man who used this drug on her claimed it would make her an Angel. Rahzel experienced pain and was unconsious for a few days when she was eventually rescued by Alzeid and Baroqueheat.  Rahzel was once again injected with the drug by Kiara later on in the story. The affects of the Angel Text drug is not really known. All that was revealed so far was that once injected with the drug you will suffer from a fever for a few days and experience a lot of pain. The drug was shown to enhance Rhazel's magic ability and even allowed her to regenerate herself after she was fatally injured by Kiara. The new abilities that Rahzel had obtained are very similar to those of Alzeid. The drug was mentioned a second time later on in the manga. Natsume used it on Serateed and he experienced alot of pain. There weren't really any changes that Serateed experienced and the experiment ended up being a failure.

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