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Also Known As







Rahzel, Baroqueheat, Soresta, Other Alzeid, Kiara, Branowen, Serateed, Fai, Shogetsu, Mr. Second

Manga Debut

Ch. 1

Anime Debut

Episode 1

Japanese Voice

Takahiro Sakurai

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Alzeid is the first traveling companion/partner to accompany Rahzel on her journey. Alzeid is on a quest, searching for the woman with blue eyes and black hair, who is responsible for killing his father. After Rahzel promises to make his boring life interesting, the two begin traveling together. Throughout their journey they encounter many different people. Alzeid and Rahzel share a very deep bond and care very much for each other.


Alzeid is an albino, but is able to be in the sun without any adverse reactions. He has medium length white hair and red eyes. Because Alzeid is a clone of second, he is identical in appearance to him, and is even mistaken as second by Rahzels father.


Alzeid is at first cold and quiet but once he opens up to his companions,he is shown to be loyal and somewhat childlike. He likes cocoa, peaches, sweets (he usually puts five teaspoons of sugar in cocoa and tea), and sleep. His dislikes are mornings, baths, alarms, carrots, and green peppers. He also pouts when people are ignoring him, He also appears at the beginning of the series to be someone who will cheat in games involving money with a straight face as well as beating the rich looking people and say it with pride.


When Alzeid was a child, he lived in a lab underground with his older brother, The Other Alzeid, and their creator Second. The two of them are clones of Second. They considered Mr. Second to be their father, although he was not affectionate towards them and did not think of them as his family. Alzeid always wanted to see what the sky looked like, but he couldn't due to the fact that Mr. Second didn't allow him to. It is shown that Alzeid remembers meeting a woman with black hair and blue eyes when he was younger, this women gave him the name Alzeid. He also remembered the she was the one who promised to show him the sky along with his older brother. It was revealed later on in the manga that the woman was actually Rahzel, because she was sent back in time due to the other Alzeid's magic powers. Alzeid still hasn't realized that the woman maybe Rahzel. Other part of Alzeid's past that was mentioned was his service in the military. There he met Baroqueheat and Soresta. They became friends even though Alzeid was very indifferent to the both of them. It was also mentioned that Alzeid was forced to wear a maid's uniform because he lost a bet to his friends. It was revealed later on that Baroqueheat had cheated.


Powers & AbilitiesEdit

incredible strength: during the series he has shown to have the strength to bend steel with ease and rock even more so, and regenerative powers.